Friday, June 11, 2010

5/25/2010 – Day Eight of England Tour: Guy Fawkes and the Round Table

America should take a leaf out of England’s book and

Remember, remember the fifth of November,

Not just by watching V for Vendetta

But by naming inns after Guy Fawkes,

Like 25 High Petergate in York,

The birthplace of the gunpowder plot conspirator

In 1570, thirty-six years to execution—

Hung, drawn and quartered

In 1606, the thirty-first of January—

Would the rest of the world know his name

If it wasn’t for Alan Moore

And his comic book hero with the Guy Fawkes mask?

Even the atheist in me can appreciate

High ceilings and stained-glass windows

And enviable architectural skills

In an ancient cathedral;

The cosmopolitan in me appreciates the brochures

In French, German, Japanese, Chinese,

Italian, Finnish, Russian—

America should take a leaf out of England’s book

And not shy away from diversity;

Quit whining about having to dial 1 for English

And expand your worldview to include

The rest of the globe.

This is the most claustrophobic tea house

I have ever shared a table with four people in.

We are as cramped for space as London’s streets.

Let’s move in close like we’re in a group hug

But we’re really claiming space like armrests on an airplane.

Moving our feet a quarter of an inch

Counts as playing footsie.

Lucky our laps have room for our teacups

When the sandwiches arrive.

Call us the knights they managed to squeeze into

The Round Table.

What have I learned today?

When public restrooms don't work,

They are out of action, not out of order.

And of course, admission to them isn't free,

But then again, what is?

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